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Structured Cabling

Implementation of standards-based cable networks TIA803 can increase the functionality and reliability of your network and network maintenance costs savings. Use the specialized and basic commodity, drawing diagrams and performance testing


Optimize your IT investment if you're more useful than the technology used to maintain, and provide the resources it cost? Does the implementation and commissioning services and new services is a waste of time and money?

Data Service

Data protection and data recovery is the most important asset you information stored in IT, information security determines the success or failure of your business is you.

Network Security

Management of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus and advanced system-wide SIEM and Honeypot sensors are all part of the company's security management services. Protection of IT resources requires a team of super-fast and intelligent.


The voice on the network platform to reduce costs and to use the super computer. You call centers are connected IP on the bed or your users a chance to respond to domestic phone calls through your mobile

Cloud Computing

In general, selecting the technologies to implement a private cloud is easier than figuring out the business rules and operational procedures you'll need. Regardless, choosing the software

Network Management

We have a team with experience in network management are indescribable. Forming the network management team has the highest international documents and universities. For each of its customers depending on the type of equipment and technology in their network,

Managed IT Service

Investment in network management is one of the most valuable ways to restore the initial capital is, if you constantly worry about maintenance and management Field services offered on the network?
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Professional Services

Relying on their specialized knowledge and abilities proud   To provide the best solutions and services in the field of IT and optimization of resources, services and infrastructure installations and equipment organizational and security measures to be

Datacenter Design and Implementation
NOC Solutions
Network Analyzer and Monitoring
Cloud and Virtualization
Structured Cabling
Fire Alamr Solution for Datacenter
Network Security Through Firewall
About Us

Douran Information Technology Company (DIT) offers strong Network Security, Datacenter Implementation and infrastructure and IT services and solutions. We provide many of Security services per year in our highly secure way to different parts of Iran. Security and continuous operational excellence are keys to our business. We do a wide range of services for the banks, Healthcare, great chain stores, variety of governmental and private organizations and companies in the whole country. We empower the right person with exactly the right service at the right moment of engagement using the knowledge of our customers, markets and the user journey – provided by our innovation, creativity and complete support. With over 12 years of experience, we are the one of the Iranian leader in the Datacenter Implementation and Network Security services industry and in IT services. Our competitive advantage is fed by our passion for excellence in our products and services, and our obsession with customer satisfaction the team at Douran IT Company is dedicated to the success of our customers, partners and investors. We have various offices all over the country, and we offer a wide variety of local opportunities to fit clients’ career goals. We provide competitive compensation and benefits packages throughout our locations along with a culture rich with advancement and career development opportunities.

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